::.. The Ultimate Guide To Chasing ..::

Welcome to www.theultimateguidetochasing.com.  I created this site because I was inspired by a thought.  What if you could make 100% a year betting on sports?

I broke this thought into bite size pieces.  Instead of trying to gain 100% in one sport as quickly as possible I decided to break it down into more manageable pieces.  What if I gained 26% returns in the MLB, NFL, and NBA, and compounded the profits each time?  This comes out to 100% a year.

Starting with $2,000 it would take 6 years to build $128,000.  If the system is successful you could then enjoy a six figure income.  It is just a thought, but one I am actively exploring. 

I have had a fascination with chase systems for several years now.  (Also known as progressive betting or the Martingale System)  I started researching variations of chase systems.  In my studies I have come across scandals and frauds, as well as some intriguing discoveries.  I have created this site to share this information with you.

In this site you will find a detailed explanation of the Martingale System and several variations...  ...including a powerful system I created called the Hybrid Martingale.  It combines the corrective quality of the Martingale with the compounding power of the Anti-Martingale.  This system provides the best of both worlds; it corrects your mistakes, and builds money rapidly.  It is my primary tool that I plan to use to achieve $128,000.

What do bettors want?

  • The most obvious answer is a system that makes money.  This is the primary and most important reason that anyone purchases any gambling product.
  • The less obvious answer is a system that makes money that requires little or no work from the bettor.

There are several products out there that promise to fill these wants. Many of them involve some variation of the Martingale System.  Others involve “sharp” betting.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  We explore these in detail on this site.