::.. The Ultimate Guide To Chasing ..::

The Ultimate Guide To Chasing

After toying with the thought of sports arbitrage betting for some time I have taken action.  As a US player there are many obstacles to overcome and those obstacles have kept me out of the game for years. 

The first obstacle is that books like Pinnacle, Bet365, Marathonbet, etc do not accept US customers.  My solution to this problem was to find a foreign partner.  My first choice was someone I know in the UK but she declined.  I belong to several self-improvement and finance groups so I put the feelers out and found a partner in Canada. 

I purchased the “Rebel Betting” software and am now tracking which books are best to open accounts with.  Marathonbet seems to be the top book appearing in the vast majority of arbs available.  I opened with Pinnacle and am looking at Bet365.

If I can keep the amount of books narrowed down to just a handful than it will be much more efficient.  I can start applying the meter drop (Wade B Cook concept on compound interest) and see how fast I can grow this thing.

When talking to financial advisers they always refer to compound interest as something that occurs annually.  What Wade Cook did was to break the chains of this long-held false paradigm.  Two things must occur for compound interest to take place.  The first is you must make a gain on your investment.  The second is you must reinvest this gain so that the next gain increases not just your principal investment, but the newly gained money as well.  It does not matter if this takes place over a year or just a few minutes, the effect is the same.

There are opportunities for sports arbitrage daily.  The average arb is between 2% and 4%.  I am consistently observing arbs of 6% to 8%.

I will be chronicling this venture as I go.  I will explain the steps I have taken to make the project work, the books I use, and any pitfalls I encounter as I go along. 

I am an average guy trying to make the leap to professional bettor.  I believe that after a long search that sports arbitrage is the absolute best option.  It is the holy grail of advantage play.